When can you call yourself an Entrepreneur?

Written by Kevin Letcher

What makes the world so great is that everyone is unique in their own personal way. Unfortunately, social media creates this facade for everyone that you must fall under a certain stereotype. Whether this may be from your follower to following ratio on Instagram or the amount of engagement an individual receives on any given post. These “status” metrics that most teenagers are trying to live by are stripping away each and every single person’s ability to be unique. As a teenager, I sometimes feel that I lose sight of how I am unique and different. 

Over the weekend I got an opportunity to sit down with a new friend of mine by the name of Drew. Drew and I are co-members in a club where we help small businesses with their business problems. We initially met up to discuss our deliverables for our client and once we finished, we quickly started exchanging our experiences through entrepreneurial ventures and our skills that we have obtained along the way. I can confidently say that we both would consider ourselves entrepreneurs, which is how we got onto the topic mentioned above. 

Throughout our conversation something came to my attention. How do we know if we are actually entrepreneurs or just people who love problem solving? For example, Drew and I both really enjoy the ideation phase when conceptualizing business ideas. Both of us have received funding in the past for business ideas but our motivation seems to stop once the funding does. With that being said, are we allowed to consider ourselves entrepreneurs? Let me clarify the idea and question with this. Most entrepreneurs are the people who completely dive into their company and are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. Whether this is bootstrapping the company to allow it to run or reaching out to as many people as possible to get additional funding. 

I posed this question to Drew during our conversation and we were both puzzled on how to answer the question. We always call ourselves entrepreneurs and we definitely possess the entrepreneurial mindset, but we have never once had to bootstrap a company or have committed to something 110%. After about an hour or so of discussing and conversing with each other this sentence was said by Drew, The difference between a problem solver and an entrepreneur is the problem solver will die trying and the entrepreneur will keep moving forward.” I felt this really summed up the answer to our question. So the key is to keep moving forward. Entrepreneurship is not something that is instant gratification like social media and is not easy to execute. It takes time and a lot of effort. Keep moving forward.

So now is your chance to either agree or disagree with our answer. Also, feel free to leave a comment below on whether this blog has made you reconsider your status as an entrepreneur.

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