OPINION – Apple’s Zero Cost Marketing Structure is Genius

A new product was recently released on Apple.com. If you follow Apple at all you would know that they released a revised version of the Mac Pro to replace their last iteration from 2013. The 2013 model looked like a trash can – to windows fans, but to the Apple fanboys out there they saw it as a vertical jet engine. Nearly seven years later, Apple has a chance to redeem themselves and show the world what they got. So, they decided to release the new Mac Pro that could be considered a cheese grater. Let’s be honest though, Apple did a really great job with the design language of this Mac Pro. (Both models pictured) With a steep price tag of over 5,000USD the Mac Pro is not for the average consumer, but is targeted to the elitist with options totalling a Mac Pro of up to 50,000USD. For all you car fans out there, that could buy you a used BMW M4! 

I am not writing about the Mac Pro specifically, but rather the accessories that you could partner with your new Mac Pro. Today I will focus on Apple’s wheels listed for 699.00 + tax USD and why this price point is a genius marketing plan, but also why they are still going to make a killing on sales with these wheels. Ultimately, I want to discuss two parts of this wheel set, the price and implications of the price.

To begin, I want to talk about why Apple’s marketing team is really smart with these wheels. Not only are they pricing the new Mac Pro at a price range extremely far out of the average consumer, but they have given the option for you to partner your new computer with wheels. If the computer is in use, you cannot even roll it around anyways which practically renders these wheels useless. This fact alone would cause most other companies to not waste a single dime on a product like this, but Apple wants to show the world what true luxury means. Someone who wants to show that they really support Apple, or truly embody the upper-class lifestyle is instantly attracted to this. Typically, luxury items have visual appeal or uniqueness with little to no utility. This is exactly what Apple is offering here with the wheels. The price point is perfect because they offer a slight deal if they purchase with the computer and the price also triggers hardcore Apple critics. 

Moving onto my next topic, marketing is also genius for this reason, “any press is good press”. Like I said before, this price point triggers the Apple critics.I personally am a fan of Apple. I use their products everyday, I am fully immersed into the ecosystem and like how the operations of the company are run. This is not an article to bash the price of the wheels, but rather show how strategic marketing could be more effective than paid marketing. There are opinion pieces all around the internet that are bashing Apple’s price point claiming that they are silly for doing this and no one is going to purchase this set of wheels. While, the price point for me is outrageous, all these opinion pieces are generating so much talk and awareness for the new Mac Pro drop that it could definitely cause the elitist to not only buy the Mac Pro cause they did not know about the computer before, but also the wheels as it offers initial utility and might provide utility in the future. 

I believe Apple’s price point has significantly benefited them to raise awareness for their new Mac Pro indirectly by stirring up the media on their “overpriced” accessories which has ultimately led to an extremely successful and free marketing campaign. To show this, the Apple Airpods V1 that was released became the biggest trend in 2019 and everyone’s initial response was that almost 175USD is way too much to pay for earbuds. 

I want to thank everyone for reading this article and comment below if there are any marketing efforts similar to Apple’s that you have seen recently. Also let us know in the comments below if you would like to read a breakdown like this or would prefer to read more about entrepreneurship and finance. Don’t forget to check out Ishan’s latest blog.

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